Electron Wheel

The Electron Wheel™ by Belon Technologies consists of a high powered, self‐contained electric motor that’s integrated into a standard 24”, 26” or 700c wheel, and can be easily fitted onto a standard bike frame within 30 seconds, without the need for specialized tools or equipment. By replacing the standard front wheel of any normal bike, the Electron Wheel™ provides motorized pedal assistance without interfering with existing gearing or shift setup. This allows the Electron Wheel™ to be installed in both single gear and multi‐gear bikes.  Motor assistance levels are determined by the wheel’s intuitive pedal and incline monitor sensors, which constantly measure the rider’s pedal input and ground incline. The combination of these unique, patented sensors minimizes the rider’s effort going uphill and allows the Electron Wheel™ to provide greater motor assistance on steep inclines without the rider having to pedal with greater force. 

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The Flair™ terminal is the smallest full function, all-in-one teller operated wagering terminal in it's class and the recipient of the Public Gaming Research Institute's 2011 lottery product of the year. The Flair™ boasts a touchscreen display, full size printer, 2D barcode reader, and a high speed document scanner. The unit was co-designed by Belon Technologies and Scientific Games Corp (SGMS) and is distributed by Sportech PLC.   

Visit www.scientificgames.com for more information.  


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