Firmware & Software:
Code Development Software Perforce,
Embedded RTOS. Nucleus. Thread X. VxWorks
Program Language C, Assembly, RSC CPU: ARM7, 
ARM 9, ARC, MCU 8051, Flex RSC

Power Transmission, Gears & Belts, Paper Path Design Expertise, Print Zone, Structure, Case Design, FEA, DOE, RCA, Tolerance Analysis, Plastic Part Design, Engineering Plastics,  High Volume Sheet Metal Design

Electrical Engineering:
Digital Circuit Design, Circuit Stimulation, 
PCB Layout Review, PCBA Functional Circuit Testing, 
PCBA BOM Creation & Assembly Preparation,
Circuit Board Debugging, Servo Control 

ME Test & Planning, 
FW Test & Planning, 
EE Test & Planning, 
Integrated System Test & Planning

Printer Development: 
Our combined American & Taiwanese teams have several years of proven experience designing printers from scratch for major manufacturers like Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Lexmark, Fuji, Xerox, Canon, Zebra, using different technologies such as inkjet, laser, and thermal transfer. 



We cover all aspects of your manufacturing needs throughout the product development process - from the early stages of product development through developing prototypes to manufacturing the product.

Our prototype builders work hand in hand with our designers in order to minimize communication barriers while at the same time, maximize their expertise.

Our prototypes are:

  1. Of the highest quality
  2. Manufactured in a timely manner
  3. Shipped in a couple of days to anywhere in the world 

Our tool makers are in close communication with the engineering team on a daily basis, minimizing the risk for misunderstandings while optimizing the design for production. As a result, our teams are able to shorten the development process and reduce costs

Above all, we focus on quality control to ensure that the product achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. 


Our industrial designers are results driven. Our seamless process allows our designers to work very closely with the engineers to ensure projects are on time and on budget. 

We offer cost effective solutions. Since the designers work in close proximity with the manufacturers, we provide a low cost product development process. 

Our designers are global. They are readily available in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. However, we can also work with any designer of your choice.