why choose Belon Technologies

Creativity & Innovation

We have a proven track record on how our team's creativity and innovation (on of our core values) have helped our customers to be in the leading edge of their competitors. 


Experienced Engineering Team

BT's engineering team has years of experience in electromechanical systems with embedded firmware, like printers. Our typical engineer has a master's degree with five to nine years of proven experience. We only hire the best. It's not easy to create a team from scratch, not to mention it requires your time and money. You should consider an experienced team like us to avoid that risk. 



BT's team follows a state of the art development process along with strenuous testing and root cause analysis to ensure that your new product will meet the highest quality levels when it arrives to the end user. 


Low Cost Prototyping Capability

Every design needs to be proven by making a prototype first and then testing. BT's design team in Taiwan works with high quality, cost efficient local prototype manufacturers. 


Proximity to Asian Manufacturers

Proximity to and communication with Asian manufacturers. Our Taiwan engineering team is near world class manufacturers all across Taiwan, China, and Japan. Being in the same time zone and speaking the language ensures a smooth transition into manufacturing that relies on our existing relationships, expertise, and references in local and regional marketplaces. 


Schedule and Budget

We have a proven track record of meeting projects on schedule and on budget. Our experienced team has worked with industry leaders such as Hewlett Packard and Eastman Kodak predicting with accuracy how long it will take and how much it will cost to get to a quality production unit. 



Integrity is our most important core value. Our record of accomplishments reflects our merit, commitment and whole hearted devotion to achieving the final goal. 


Innovation is the foundation of Belon Technology's growth. At BT, innovation means more than developing new ideas; it means bringing concepts into a successful manufactured quality product.


Belon Technologies is committed to the welfare of our stakeholders - you. 


BT's customers come first. We consider our team as an extension to your team; your success is our success. While we value your ability to compete in this ever-changing market place, we also strive to build deep and enduring customer relationships.